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happening. >> i think you're exactly right. i think they're in the driver's seat here politically. this business about raising taxes, it's not catching on. i just don't hear it from down there. >> the house republicans aren't feeling the president to raise taxes. it's a complicated argument to help, that's why it's really not catching fire. a lot of defense industry lobbyists are giving republicans heat, they don't feel heat from the constituents because the constituents they think want to see real spending cuts. americans want spending cuts, they don't want political gains. >> i really do. i think when you look at the poll, americans still want smaller government and fewer services, aka spending cuts. i think this is the white house's big mistake, they're barking up the wrong tree. the only question i have, it is after all republicans, will they hang tough? in your opinion, you're closer to it, will they hang tough? >> i spent all day on capitol hill talking to house republicans privately saying
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what's going to happen between now and march 1st? they say the house leader has promised them privately they're not going to replace the sequester unless there are real cuts to replace the sequester, nothing else, tax reform, tinkering with the tax code, different kinds of cuts is not going to cut it because house republicans have been promised the sequester is going to happen unless it's a real solid replacement. >> i think that's the public move. robert costa, thanks ever so much. now let's talk some more about this. dan mitchell is a senior fellow at the kato institute. the wall street journal put it very well, this isn't so much budget cutting as rolling back huge double-digit increases from 2008. that's all this is. >> not just 2008. government spending exploded during the bush years, obama added on top of that. let's remember all the sequester does is shave off a little bit
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of the built-in growth of government spending. over the next ten years, the budget, even with the sequester, will go from $3.5 trillion to $5.9 trillion. we're still going to get $2.4 trillion more spending. we're just not going to get $2.5 trillion more spending. i view the sequester as a very tiny step in the right direction. >> jared, you look at some of these figure, if you include the emergency money more hurricane sandy, that just means we've had a 30% increase since 2008. now under the so-called sequester, we'll have a 5% increase. it's not like we're ripping the government to shreds. >> look, the way this works is you get negative fiscal impulse when you do less then th year than you did last year. let's go to the non-partisan congressional budget office. they told us on tuesday this year they expect the economy to grow 1.4%. i don't think there's anybody listening to my voice on our financial news network of cnbc who likes that number, 1.4%.
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i suspect you don't like it either, larry. they said this fiscal contraction, including the sequester is cutting 1.5% off gdp growth, the difference between 1.4% and 2.9%. would you rather look at a 3.3 gdp growth in year? i would. that's what's upsetting people. >> the bigger question is, dan mitchell, do you buy the congressional budget office numbers? >> that's a conventional forecast. >> it may be a conventional forecast but it could also be wrong. dan mitchell, i want your professional opinion. we spent our heads off for the still luck package in 2009. this is still the worst economic recovery in the postwar period. dan, why not try limited government? or let me put it a different way, slightly less spending, is that good or bad for the economy? >> the congressional budget office is still wedded to the 1950s, 1960s style keynesian
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model. more government spending simply diverts resources from the product of sector of the economy. it's not a recipe for growth. if it was france would be prosperous and hong kong and singapore would be in permanent recession. we need smaller government and lower taxes and obama wants to go the other direction. that's a big mistake. >> larry, for reasons that i think are probably pretty good with a lot of money riding on them, people listen a lot more to the cbo. >> that's a little unfair, jared. everybody conventional forecast -- you don't have to be a keynesian. look at goldman sachs, look at -- >> goldman sachs -- >> look at macroeconomic advisers. when you have this negative -- that's a great discussion.
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>> come on. goldman sachs and the congressional budget office both predicted substantial increases in real gdp after that 2009 stimulus package. dan mitchell, that's so odd about this. yeah, the conventional wisdom can be wrong. let me ask another silly question in the middle of this thing. why is it that higher tax revenues will help the economy but lower spending won't? if you look at president obama's argument today, he's saying let's replace the sequester with higher tax revenues. that's okay. but lower spending is not. i don't get that, dan. i think that's illogical, dan. >> in theory, if you're a keynesian, you should dislike higher taxes in the short run as much as you des like lislike lo spending. this is an issue of obama, he got a tax increase on january 1st. now he wants another tax increased. this guy is an alcoholic for higher taxes and he's looking
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for any excuse to try to get republicans into that breyer patch and the big difference between this fight over the sequester and the fiscal cliff, obama had the upper hand with the fiscal cliff but a big increase would happen automatically. now the republicans have the upper hand. if we do nothing, we finally slightly reduce the growth rate of federal spending. i know it gets jared and the keynesians all upset. it would be good for our economy. >> so far we have cut $1.5 trillion of spending over ten years and raised about $600 billion in taxes. if cutting spending helped the economy, we ought to be doing better than we're doing right now. now, i think you guys have a point about the tax increases. it matters less when you're talking about raising taxes on people who are no income or liquidity constrained, folks at the top the scale. but i take your point. i don't think it makes sense, for example, to say let's not do these cuts, let's do those cuts.
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i'm not the only one who thinks that. there a lot of republicans -- maybe bob costa, and you may be right. including john mccain who said this morning this is going to cost a million jobs if we do the sequester. i happen to think that's a highest mat but it's not just democrats. >> with all respect to john mccain, his record may be worse than the cato institute and mine. >> spending was cut from 22% of gdp to 18% of gdp. spending was cut a lot, those are big numbers and guess, what the economy boomed. sometimes if you leave capital in private hand, you get a better economy. >> larry, let me just say -- >> i got to get out of here. >> i am all for the government getting out of the way, it's a matter of a hippocratic oath, do no harm.
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>> did you say a hypocritical oath? let me get this right. >> hippocratical. >> economic news was mixed but i think the bullish fundamentals still look good and i have a fair and balanced question for everybody out there. can we call this the obama rally? that's right. i'm going to ask that question. later on in the show, she's the woman a lot of democrats and republicans say would have made the best next a second. she joins us later this how to talk about why defense cuts are both necessary and feasible. doesn't forget, folks, free market capitalism is always the best path to prosperity. free market capitalism clause smaller, more limited government. clients are always learning more
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let's start our look at the markets with the new just broke from the social media site linked-in. it really delivered a monster beat on earnings. julia joins us with the details. >> linkedin is really firing on
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all cylinders. the stock shot about 10% higher. it's now about 9% higher, this after revenue grew 81% over last year, up 12 cents per year in the year ago period. the company said mobile is having a huge impact with 27% members visiting the service through its mobile apps. some changes the company has made to the linked-in pro vile and it's new influencing program is really working with double number of members updating their profile from a year ago. the ceo says the company plans to raise prices on its tools for human resources professionals, but he said he won't see a big impact until next year. it's amazing how they've grown their advertising revenues, they have the hr tools and premium membership. >> if i want to go on as a
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premium membership, have i to pony up. >> you can go on for free but then you can pony up for a premi premium membership. linkedin has consistently delivered. it's beaten earnings expectations every single quarter since becoming an ipo. >> since mid-november right after the election, i want to ask the question that 11% increase in the s&p 500, i want to be fair and balanced. i've gotten tweets about this and e-mails. is this the obama stock market rally? the obama reelection stock market rally? i get tweets, e-mails. people say, kudlow, you're not being honest. i'm going to do it. go ahead. >> i think stocks are depressed, if you look at what's happened
7:14 pm
to the price/earnings ratio, it's gone down. stocks are depressed, larry. >> but they're up -- >> not adjusted for inflation. >> there is no inflation. >> those cpi numbers a gimmick. they don't count price increase because the technology improved in a product, they don't incorporate health care in the cpi. >> i'm looking under the drawer, i'm looking under the waste paper basket, i hear about this inflation. the price of goal has fallen $350. abigail doolittle, fair and balanced, since the election basically the broad index has gone up 11%. is it the obama rally? >> i do not think it's the obama rally. i think it's the extension of the federally. we've had the federal reserve continue to support the risk assets and kmocommodities. it reflects the decision to
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replace operation twist -- >> you want to give him any credit at all? >> earlier this week i spoke to the ceo of the dow company and ce disney. disney has a pretty good sense of what's going on wts consumer, the sense of consumer confidence and in terms of advertising. he said that the last quarter they had to deal with the fiscal cliff, there was concern and uncertainty about the fiscal cliff, there was the hurricane and the uncertainty around the election. he feels now that we have all these things behind ushs t, the consumers are feeling a little more confident. he's seeing a general shift toward optimism. >> so things played out and no one person is driving it. is that what you're saying? things just played out. >> there were a lot of factors creating a cloud of uncertainty in the past quarter and those have lifted.
7:16 pm
>> bob ieger doesn't know economics. consumers don't drive the economy. >> he was speaking about consumers and the role consumers play. >> if you don't have a job, it doesn't matter. entrepreneurial spirit in this country is dead. fixed capital investment is ete same level today -- >> so you don't give obama credit? >> it's all money printing. you have a spike in asset values ush don't have any revenue growth in the top corporations and small businesses are getting killed. >> i think private business deserves some credit, corporations, the back bone of the kmirks back bone of the stock market, profits are the mother's milk of stocks and they continue to outperform. >> they continue to outperform right now but something that a lot of investors or that's not given a lot of attention is that we're in a secular bear market relative to valuation. if you look that the on a charted basis, peak valuation
7:17 pm
was up near 32 types the s&p earnings estimate and right now it's dropped to 14. i would suggest that could drop lower to 10. there has been this cloud of uncertainty lifted but what may loom in another month or two is what's going to happen around this payroll tax hike? is that going to affect consumers? gasoline, food. so i think that that one -- >> so you're a bear? >> i'm near term a little bullish. we could see a little frothy action to the up side. >> you can't be a bear and bull. >> i'm a long-term bear. i hope -- >> can i say a long term bull? >> absolutely. it makes for a great discussion. >> a long-term bull. some the things you mentioned and this bob ieger thing reminds me we have a lot of great corporations in this country and a lot of good ceos. they may not make the front pages the way some of the bad apples do but they're pretty darn good. if we can get some kicker from
7:18 pm
small economy, i think they can run. i also think big business and middle business is doing better than we think. consumers, they're wealthier, the housing prices have at least stopped falling and they're in the stock market. 50% of the households own stock. >> it is my job to talk to entrepreneurs and people who have created startups all the time. i do think there is a sense of optimism that the barriers to entry for startups have come down. especially i'm thinking in the tech space, it's maybe a little bit harder to get funding than it was two years ago but it's easier to start a company, the tools are there, they're cheaper. anyone with a really good idea feels they can get their ideas out there. >> just for fun, in the 90s, particularly the second half of the 90s, would you have called that the clinton bull market? >> absolutely, for one big reason. government spending was below 19%. i want that g out of there and
7:19 pm
the i up. >> in the 1980s you would have called that the reagan bull market? >> absolutely. >> but i can't get you to say it's the obama rally. >> what but? >> i think it's the bernanke profit making businesses ceo lean and mean rally, maerk's resilient private secretator, t heart of the free market economy is holding up better than i would have guessed and good for them. thank you very much and michael, who likes some decades better than others. now, folks, have you seen a weather forecast lately? not good, massive snowstorm on the way for the northeast. they're talking about this being an historic event. we have the latest on that just ahead. come on, nowadays lots of people go by themselves.
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no they don't. hey son. have fun tonight.
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♪ ♪ back against the wall ♪ ain't nothin to me ♪ ain't nothin to me [ crowd murmurs ] hey! ♪ [ howls ] ♪ i'm lorenzo. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one.
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that company, the united states postal service®, works for thousands of home businesses. because at®, you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. a huge snowstorm is going to hit the northeast tomorrow. how bad is it going to be? the weather channel's jim cantore is live in boston for us tonight. good evening, jim. what does it look like? >> larry, it's not often that i bring one of these with me when i come to do a weather report, but i got this one. so if this gives you an idea what we're talking about, this is three feet of snow. there is a forecast for two to three feet of snow across a good part of massachusetts, southern new hampshire into maine, connecticut, even new york city now with blizzard warnings,
7:23 pm
expecting 12 to 18 inches there. this is going to be a blockbuster storm. the big question is can we get everybody off the roads in time? that's what the desire is hout . the government says, look, i want all unnecessary vehicles off the road by noon tomorrow. so if we have a scene like you see behind me here, larry, where i-93 is backlogged at this time tomorrow night, we're going to have a disaster on our hands. that means some of these people are going to be spend being the night in their cars riding out the storm. 35 years ago the famous blizzard of '78 it was rush hour and people got trapped in their cars. if they are in their cars this time, the same thing will happen. history will repeat itself. we will also have hurricane force gusts along the coastline. some of these areas that were weakened by sandy will be very, very vulnerable certainly to the storm surge and the wave action that will happen with this huge nor'easter. we expect to measure this one with a yard stick, larry, two to
7:24 pm
three feet expected here in boston. >> jim cantore, if it's starting up in the boston area, how fast does it come south and west through connecticut into new york city and the metropolitan area here? >> it's going the other way around. it's going to start -- new york city will be tomorrow morning, connecticut will be about midday, then boston mid afternoon and then again everybody just needs to be off the roads. if we can get everybody off the roads by noon tomorrow through noon on saturday, we're going to save a lot of people a lot of frustration because i'm telling you, when it's start snowing at two to three inches an hour, the plows can't keep up. all it takes is one bus to slide off the road and it's gridlock on the roadways. running out of gas and spending the night in a cold car, it's not fun. i never talked to anyone who said they wanted to do that again, spend the night in a cold car. >> take care of yourself.
7:25 pm
>> tonight we heard another dire warning from secretary of defense leon panetta about what would happen if the sequester cuts quick in. next and protesters interrupted confirmation hearings five times before cia director john brennan even finished his opening statement. what were they angry about? drones taking out american traitors overseas. we'll talk about that in the next little bit with ann coulter. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet...
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in this half hour, the controversial and incomparable ann coulter will join us to talk about a revealing day in washington, d.c., foreign policy, the sad truth about benghazi. the cia director john brennan and his support for drone bombings to kill american traitors and we might get into waterboarding as well. first up the automatic sequester spending cuts set to kick in in three weeks. outgoing secretary of defense leon pan et offered these dire warning today before congress. take a listen. >> frankly one of the greatest security risks we are now facing
7:29 pm
as a nation that, this budget uncertainty could prompt the most significant readiness -- military readiness crisis in more than a decade. >> all right. but there are ways to responsibly trim the pentagon's budget and still protect national security. former defense undersecretary michelle flournoy, if identify got that right -- michelle flournoy, i beg your pardon, she penned an op-ed in the wall street journal this week. joining us is aforementioned michele flournoy. michelle, or undersecretary, which ever you prefer -- >> michelle, please. >> i thought your piece was terrific. sequester or not, defense department is going to lose 10% of its budget and you think there are good ways to do it. walk us through some of the key
7:30 pm
points. >> i do think the defense budget will come under pressure, even if we do get a deal. there are ways to reduce costs go after the defense enterprise rather than balance the budget on the back of the force. first cutting unnecessary overhead. the pentagon and d.o.d. has grown by more than 100,000 civilians in the last decade. we can pare those back now that we're coming out of a period of war. >> i thought your civilian argument was great. we've been through these wars and you're saying you can take it right back down without losing any national security. >> i think if you're careful in how do you it, you can reshape the force and come out in a leaner and more agile organization. >> what about another civilian, maybe it's not civilian, you talk about reducing the cost of military health care. and i guess that includes things
7:31 pm
like co-pay. we have this problem throughout the government, michelle. should it be done, can it be done in d.o.d.? >> i think it can be. d.o.d. health care growing faster than civilian health care and other government health care programs. i think with more effective management you could end up taking cost out without reducing the quality of care. we obviously want to be fair about this but we are on an unsustainable trajectory and this is a really important benefit to make sure that we sustain and preserve for our military members and their families. >> did this stuff come up when you were undersecretary? did reformers like yourself ever have a chance to these issues? >> i was on more of the foreign policy side of the house in my tenure. but there are people in the house going after this. ash carter has launched something called better buying power, which is an effort to do some acquisition reform. there have been some efforts.
7:32 pm
the problem is the department doesn't currently have the authority it needs from congress to really manage these issues, to shape the civilian work force, to cut unnecessary infrastructure, close bases and so forth to reshape the health care program. we need the support of congress to do this. otherwise you're going to have to cut readiness, cut force structure and modernization in ways that could really undermine our security. >> that's the stuff, the readiness stuff that we don't want to do. >> absolutely. >> that's the stuff where we have to be on alert for the benghazis of the world or who knows what. it's still a dangerous place out there. you're not denying that? >> no, not at all. we're going to have a draw down coming out of afghanistan and iraq but the world is extremely volatile. we are still a global leader, we have interests around the world. we need a military that can project power rapidly, respond to crises, protect americans and our interests around the world and our allies. so readiness is the last thing
7:33 pm
you want to cut, not the first. >> so we've got civilian overhead. we've got military health care co-pays or whatever. what about base closings? we had base closings in the 90s, thought it worked pretty well. base closings would save a lot of money, wouldn't they? >> they do over time. initially it costs some money to actually do the closures but over time they can save substantial sums. the military services have gotten smaller over the last period of years but they have not been allowed to close that excess infrastructure. so that excess bases, facilities, those are hanging like an albatross around their necks. it's drawing billions away from readiness on an ongoing basis. we need a congressional authority to go through another round of base realignment and closure. >> if i'm hearing you right, you're saying there are a number
7:34 pm
of budget moves we can make without damaging or certainly destroying our real national security position. >> absolutely. >> i haven't heard this kind of discussion before. everybody who read your op-ed said the same thing. why can't calmer heads walk through what you're walking through? >> these are very politically contentious third rail kind of issues. these affect jobs in local constituencies, they affect changing culture within a big bureaucratic organization, they may effect some jobs in terms of the civilian workforce and so for forth. these are not unvecontroversial. when you compare to observe all the cuts on the back of the force and not really go after the defense enterprise itself, you really get into some very nasty answered think dangerous trade-offs for national security and we just can't go there. >> does chuck hagel get this?
7:35 pm
can he do the job in your opinion? is he aware of these argue ents? >> i certainly believe so. i think he has talked about a bloated defense enterprise. i certainly hope he will take some of these issues on if he is confirmed. >> once again just to conclude and we appreciate your time very, very much. we can protect our national security as we must but at the same time we can slim down the defense department, we can make some cuts. that's what you're saying? >> i believe that's what we can do if we take the cuts in the right place. >> michelle flournoy, former undersecretary of defense under president obama, we appreciate it very much. thank you. >> now, folks, prepare yourself, america the mighty, ann coulter is about to join us. there's a lot that happened today that we'll have to ask her about that include new revelations about benz and the controversial drone program. you don't want to miss this discussion. ♪ if loving you is wrong
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and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. welcome back to the show. so conservative author and columnist and great friend ann coulter. wants to talk about using drones to kill american traitors
7:39 pm
overseas. where was barack obama the night of the benghazi ambush? what's wrong with water boarding? have you seen "zero dark 30"? i've seen it twice and loved it. joining us is ann coulter. this guy brennan goes up and defends the drone program. if you're an american citizen and become traitor and become an enemy combatant, why shouldn't his head be blown off by a drone? do you have a problem with that? >> no, i don't. but i don't have a problem with waterboarding. i think people who don't want nonamerican citizens who have been captured on the battlefield who don't want their heads dunked in water would be a little testier about this drone program. it's just amazing how the media covers these things. i mean, they would be screaming
7:40 pm
bloody murder if this were bush. though, i guess i'm perfectly happy if obama is doing it. i'm for it. >> it's a good thing. i want to give obama credit for this and give his cia credit for this. brennan is right. so what if you're an american. if you do bad things and you're part of an imminent violent threat to america in sudan or wherever you're going to be, go ahead, take 'em out. the intel is probably right. this is a weird one. conservatives are screaming about this, liberals are screaming about this. only a few smart die hards like why is and i guess me are defending this. why is that? >> well, i haven't been reviewing the conservative press on this but my guess is what they're screaming about is what i was just mentioning. you know, the crickets that we're hearing from the left when, you know, not giving the little darlings their favorite meals at guantanamo used to send
7:41 pm
the acl screaming torture. i think it's more the double standard, not that the military and cia have come up with a way to kill terrorists without putting american lives at risk. i mean, it's perfect. >> mark, this is the odd part about the brennan story. i praise brennan for this drone thing and praise president obama for this drone thing. but the odd thing is how can you be in favor of drones bombing american traitors overseas and take this ma'amby pamby position that water boarding is a bad thing. brennan supported water boarding a few years ago and he's backed off. why is that? >> he's certainly evolved. these aren't very simple questions and the answers to them are very complex. look, i know that ann is upset that there are crickets and i'll interrupt those crickets with expressing what a lot of my friends on the left are concerned about.
7:42 pm
so, yes, while drones are in fact an effective and efficient way to prosecute the war on terror and are mighty success until in the short term, we're spending $2.5 billion in pakistan alone in public diplomacy efforts, trying to win hearts and minds of the pakistani citizens. this is one of the most anti-american countries on the face of the earth. when we prosecutor a war using drone warfare, don't tell them about it for two years. this was very confident and is now becoming more public -- >> why do we have to tell pakistan? they don't deserve anything. they tried to hide osama bin laden, they put the doctor away in prison, the guy who helped us out. who cares about pakistan in this sense? >> they see the collateral damage when it occurs and we're losing a little bit of credibility here. it's important because there's a pakistani company now that was reported in december that's developing drones themselves. so absolutely america is on the
7:43 pm
sort of cutting edge of this technology but we're also setting the stage for the future of warfare in a way where -- >> i'm glad. >> -- where hostile ski kcountr are ventually going to get this technology. >> you are not in favor of this, peter, why not? >> you go back and look at what president obama said, he filled out a survey on executive power. he now believes he apparently has power to kill american citizens without charges. >> at least he got it half right. he got it half right. i'm with obama on this, i really am. i'm with obama. whether that makes me a con or a neo-con or whatever it is, think think they're wrong about waterboarding. but notice, answer, guantanamo
7:44 pm
is still open. i think obama has learned a thing or two. >> yeah, i wish he would learn a few more things and that is to get -- actually, i think it's mark's concerns about winning the hearts and minds of pakistanis. i don't think i'd spend a lot of time and effort on that and, you know, this is part of the reason i'm enthusiastically supporting the siequester. i think there's plenty we can cut from the defense department, including this pointless, endless rebuilding of afghanistan. it was one thing to go in and take out al qaeda and the taliban. what on earth are we doing over there? why do we care about the hearts or minds or building the schools? i mean, outside of osama bin laden going to afghanistan and tricking the taliban into this spectacular attack on america, in general the muslims in afghanistan like the ones in indonesiaia have not exported terrorism. that's been the specialty of other countries. they really just want to be left alone so why don't we just leave
7:45 pm
them alone, as long as they're not plotting an attack on us, what is the point? >> michelle flournoy just laid out calmly four or five great ways to reduce the pentagon budget, including getting out of afghanistan, taking the civilian population in the d.o.d. down because we're leaving afghanistan. i thought it was pretty good, ann. somebody ought to listen to her. >> yes, i agree. i'm glad you brought up with her the base closings. this is why you seed something like a closure. the american people are of two find minds. they think government should be smaller, thinks government wants too. but the second you name a specific program that's going to be cut, they're against it. it not that the pollations are two-timing liars and will never cut spending, the american
7:46 pm
people don't want to cut spending. >> sequester, drone bombing, i'm having a good day. >> benghazi, we learned some more things today from defense secretary leon panetta. i'm kudlow, we'll be right back. . . three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. come on, nowadays lots of people go by themselves.
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obama awl on night of benghazi attack. they had a 5:00 p.m. meeting, nobody heard from the president after the 5:00 p.m. meeting. the whole benghazi business lasted at least seven hours. now it turns out in other news reports today that there was no hillary clinton from the state department, which is her jurisdiction. panetta didn't talk to the president, panetta didn't talk to hillary clinton. i don't know who he talked to. all i know is nobody saved the four people, we didn't see any american force. what's up with that? >> and it's long after the presidential election has run. i mean, you really wonder if democrats would win any elections if we had an honest media in this country. this is really getting to be a problem. the media is becoming a threat to democracy. the things that they went crazy over when bush was president, remember that video at the white house correspondents dinner, we
7:50 pm
found weapons of mass destruction in iraq but they were not the stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, they had video of the dog looking for weapons of mass destruction under the white house furniture. it was a silly little furniture and you would think someone died. well, here in this case under obama, four people did die and this is coming out five months after it happened, four months after the election? what is with our media? >> the media may be culpable but i want to go back to panetta's's sorry. they had a 5:00 p.m. meeting in the white house but benghazi went on all night long, at least seven hours. point noumber one. point number two, nothing from the president and his defense secretary, this is a crisis with lives at stake? nothing with the secretary of state? at least the ambassador was part of her operation. i don't know where the cia was. in other words, it was sort of like panetta alone, which
7:51 pm
doesn't strike me as a very responsible way to handle a crisis. who's on first, what's on second over there? ann. >> oh, sorry. i thought i'd had my say. no, i agree, this is a major story. americans were dying. on a few news outlets you would hear about this before the election, that there was time to get helicopters there, to get fighter planes there, to have saved some of these americans and we get the cock and bull story about some american made video ramping up a spontaneous demonstration and now we find out the president of the united states and secretary of state were awol. >> mark, doesn't this embarrass you? maybe this is why leon panetta is getting the heck out. maybe he doesn't want to work with people that he didn't work with during an emergency like this. >> larry, the first thing people need to remember is that this
7:52 pm
was predominantly an attack on america, not necessarily a coverup by america. yes, there was a crisis happening overseas in benghazi and, yes, the state department was scrambling and the administration was scrambling but blaming this on hillary clinton, as i've seen a lot of conservatives -- >> no, i'm not blaming hillary. your first point was right, this is an attack on america. when there is an attack on america, the president should be involved. what panetta said was president obama, who i just praised on the drone attacks, he got that right, but he was awol on benghazi. that's not good. secretary of state hillary clinton. awol. that can't be good, mark. that's all i'm saying. >> when something like that happens happens, when an ambassador is killed and they find out about it, i'm sure they mobilize
7:53 pm
everything. we can second guess who was speaking with whom at what time but i don't think it's very productive now that we have four americans dead to sort of -- larry, this really reeks of blaming america first. >> i don't know. peter, i just have 30 seconds left and i'm sorry, pete. peter, we got to find out how this operated to improve upon it in the future. you would agree with me on that at least. >> certainly. people do not have the information that they need here. the obama administration has not been forthcoming. they have been missing in action when it mattered, they have been misleading people. >> sorry, out of time. ann coulter, great, thank you very much. mark and peter, much more time the next time. that's it for tonight's show. i'm larry kudlow. thanks for watching. she knows you like no one else.
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